Promoting Healthy Eating and Lifestyle

As Singapore’s No. 1 Wholemeal Bread Brand, Gardenia actively promotes healthy eating.

Benefits of Whole-Grains

The goodness of grains include Fibre, vitamins B & E, minerals and phytochemicals which are contained mainly in the bran and germ layers.

Whole-grains have been proven to:

  • Reduce the risk of heart diseases by decreasing cholesterol levels
  • Prevent the damage of blood vessels
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes, constipation and certain cancers
  • Make one feel full faster and longer

It’s easy to start making Wholemeal choices!

Gardenia has specially developed several wholemeal loaves to cater to a growing demand for whole-grain products.

All the healthy loaves meet the ‘Higher in whole-grains’ Nutritional Guidelines set by Health Promotion Board.

Find the ideal Gardenia Wholemeal Bread to suit your taste preference!

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