M Studio is a baking & culinary Experience Centre by Mayer. The kitchen concept of M Studio looks to inspire aspiring home chefs to create a slice of home in their own kitchens. A fully equipped modular kitchen, outfitted with Mayer products – built in ovens, table top ovens, induction cookers, hobs, mixers etc. - to meet all your cooking and baking needs. Beyond an ordinary Experience Centre, M Studio by Mayer also serves as a baking and cooking class and event venue where the mobile kitchen work stations are easily arranged to create the event space of your preference. M Studio empowers to bring your culinary dreams to life with a fully equipped kitchen and hands-on or demonstrative culinary classes.

For updates and more information of M Studio’s Classes, check out our Instagram at @mstudiobymayer and website at https://www.mayer.sg/classes.html.

Mayer Set Meal Cooker (MMMC01)

Whip up a full set meal with just one button! Mayer Set Meal Cooker comes with 4 pots, which allows multiple dishes to be cooked simultaneously at once in separate pots. This includes cooking rice, vegetables, meat, soup, and more! Due to its fast & efficient cooking function, this makes the set meal cooker a convenient appliance and is perfect for those who has had a long day and would like to quickly cook a meal in no time.

Comes with 6 different functions and a recipe book, you can always create different menus and a variety of food and never get tired of cooking daily. There’s also a Keep Warm function to always ensure that your food remains warm, even if you want to have it at a later timing after the food is being cooked. With this set meal cooker, you can always ensure to enjoy a full set meal that is nutritious, healthy and ideal for a balanced diet, especially since healthy eating is the way of life.

For more information on the Mayer Set Meal Cooker, visit here: https://www.mayer.sg/mayer-set-meal-cooker-mmmc01.html

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